martin-luther-king-jr-day-bannerEstablished in 1997, Juno Maritime is a consultancy company with focus upon the Dredging & Marine Industry.

It was initially set up to provide consultation services to companies and entities involved in the lucrative maritime sector in the Arabian Peninsular.


This is a heavy duty cutter suction dredger belonging to one of the world’s major dredging companies. This machine is capable of cutting and breaking hard materials on the seabed and transporting them hydraulically through a system of pipelines.

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This was probably the largest CSD in the world during the early years of this millennium. It is capable of dredging up to 5,000 m3 of soft materials per hour and pumping the spoil through 3 in-line pumps a distance of 4,400 metres without added booster pumps.


Delivery point in the reclamation area. The area is divided into a series of pools to allow the fines to settle before allowing the clean water to run back into the sea. The nature of the dredged materials determine the characteristics of the settling bays.

Ave Caesar Oman (7)

Powerful back-hoe dredger cutting a pipeline trench for a project in Oman. This vessel completed the work in record time and significantly below budget.


Docking a 600 m3 split hopper barge on syncro-lift at Kuwait (Heisco) Shipyard


Tubular piles being driven from jack up barge using hydraulic hammer. The use of jack ups provide greater stability/accuracy of placing than floating equipment.

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Hopper dredgers are used for various purposes including bringing spoil from off shore borrow pits and transporting to areas of reclamation.

Rock placement on submerged pipelines require special types of ships fitted with dynamic positioning equipment, enabling precise placement of rock cover at extreme depths of water.

The cutter suction dredgers are used for efficient dredging operations including trenches and capital dredging amongst others.