Capital Dredging

Local economies must have good import and export harbours if they want to play an important part in international trade. The capacity of their ports must be geared to the ever increasing needs of the global market. But there is not only the expansion of world trade resulting from increasing prosperity and the growing world population to consider, also the vessels are becoming increasingly large.

Harbours must be expanded if they want to be able to receive these giants.csd_0

Therefore, capital dredging and port extension works are of great economic significance. Existing harbours are deepened or enlarged to be able to receive more and larger container vessels. In some regions, new harbours are developed to meet the demand for raw materials.

Power Station Intake Dredging

Building or extending ports does not suffice. Other works vital to the functioning of the state include power station water intakes. Following the deposition of sediments, access channels and harbour basins may become silted up quite rapidly. It is of vital importance to ports that the depth of waterways is at all times maintained.picture8

Often, maintenance dredging projects also aim at improving the water quality. Polluted sediments must be removed and decontaminated.

Juno Maritime can offer its clients cost-efficient solutions for both the dredging and decontamination process through our association with specialist companies dealing with this item of expertise.

Land Reclamationmartin-luther-king-jr-day-banner2

Land reclamation projects such as Palm Island in Dubai or the Chek Lap Kok Airport in Hong Kong are the dredging industry’s show-piece to the wider public. Sand is dredged from the sea or in harbours and given a new destination, for instance to create new land for residential, recreational or industrial purposes.dsc01380

But the purpose of land reclamation is dual. Climate is changing and we can no longer ignore it. Rising sea levels are a threat to our coasts. In order to protect these coasts and shores against erosion and the advancing water, sand is reclaimed.

Remote Sewage Treatment Plant


The construction of a reclaimed platform for the purpose of establishing a sewage treatment plant, at Hidd Port, Bahrain.

Scope of Work:

  • Provide suitable design for the reclamation and protection works.
  • Provide reclaimed platform to an elevation of +4.5 meters CD.

Reclamation fill material was obtained from the adjacent borrow sites. The reclamation consisted of 2 million cubic meters and adequate shore protection based on the Hidd wave climate.