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The company owes its current leading position to its vision and courage.

Courage of the founder, Jan De Nul, who developed the company from a small scale contractor to a genuine dredging company.

Also the courage of the next generation, which has given the Group its current enviable reputation throughout the five continents.

Jan De Nul started as a civil works contractor. Anticipating the market opportunities of that time, the De Nul family took on its first dredging contract in 1951.

This was followed by securing the first international dredging project and the rest is history.

Over the years, Jan De Nul Group grew to become a global market leader within the dredging industry. The Group would never have reached this position if it did not have had the courage and vision to continue investing in new equipment, a new dredging fleet, new employees and new activities.

Over the years, Jan De Nul Group invested in expanding its expertise, always looking for new interdisciplinary synergies. Jan De Nul Group is and has always been a versatile
company. As such, it is a company that is ready for the future.